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INTERNSHIP: Weihai English & Art Program

English Teaching, Art Teaching & Cultural Immersion in a beautiful resort town Weihai and its regions, China for 7 weeks. Interns will teach approximately 24hrs/week in one of the most prestigious schools in Shandong province. Program benefits include free western style accommodations, stipend, Chinese language/culture class, 24/7 English phone support and more!

Interns are given the freedom and are encouraged to explore and develop individual teaching styles. Support and professional development is provided to improve skills and provide ideas for the ESL classroom. As a foreign teacher of English you gain experience teaching and living abroad while providing wonderful opportunities for children to experience a new culture and to learn from a native speaker.

Interns also have the opportunity for additional once-in-a-life time teaching/living experiences in cities around Weihai, where the intern may be the only foreigner.


Program: Teaching English and Teaching Art in China
Location: Weihai and its regions (Yantai, Rongcheng, Wendeng, Panglai, Laiyang, etc.) Shandong Province, China (Interns have an opportunity to experience several cities!)
Duration: 7/1/2014 (Tue) – 8/20/2014 (Wed)
Teaching Period: 7/7(Mon) – 8/15 (Fri)
Teaching Hours: Approximately 24 hours per week
Arrival / Departure Point: Weihai Airport
Application Deadline: 4/30/2014 (Wed)
Program Fee: US$1,300 (Teaching stipend is approximately US$480*; technically you earn a portion of your program fee back!)
Not included in Program Fee:
  • Airfare (to/from Weihai)
  • Insurance during your stay in China
  • Health/physical exam (must be taken in your country and be submitted to us after your application is approved)
  • Daily expenses

Weihai Internship Program Benefits

6 Weeks, Short Term Teaching Contract: Gain a hands-on, EFL teaching experience without committing to a lengthy one or two year contract.
Hassle & Worry-Free Accommodations: Shared western-style APT/Hotel/Homestay with furniture, utilities, internet connections, etc. You only need to arrive and you're ready to work, live and enjoy.
Activity Coordinator: A personal assistant (Chinese College Interns) in each city will help you in your teaching and life in China. They will assist you when you go to restaurants, grocery shopping, local tourist sites, etc. You always have someone who can speak English to help you!
Chinese Language Lessons: Brief but intensive Chinese lesson of Survival Chinese with Everyday Phrases will be provided. Also, Activity Coordinators will be happy to teach you Chinese in your free time.
Chinese Culture Activities: Have an in-depth understanding of Chinese culture by taking classes likeTai-Chi, Calligraphy, Feng-Shui, Chinese Ceramics, etc. (available classes may vary).
24 / 7 English Phone Support: If you have an emergency, our 24/7 English Phone support is there for you.
Travel and Local Information Assistance: For travel and local information like booking tickets, making reservations, etc., our local staff will be happy to assist you.
Stipend 3000 RMB: Participants will receive a total of 3000 RMB (approximately US$480*) over the course of their seven week stay to help pay for daily expenses.
Airport Pick Up / Drop Off: When your plane lands in China, and when your contract is over and you're returning to your home country, our staff will be there for you.
Weihai Orientation & Welcome Dinner: We'll provide you with a short tour to tell you where grocery stores, restaurants, drugstores are etc., and provide you with an authentic Chinese dinner on the first night to welcome you in Weihai.
Trip to Confucius' Hometown, Qufu: Qufu is the hometown of Confucius. The three most famous cultural sites are collectively known as San Kong: the Temple of Confucius, the Cemetery of Confucius, and the Kong Family Mansion. These three sites have been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1994.
Cell Phone/SIM Card: We will provide you with a prepaid SIM card or a cellphone so that you will be able to make calls locally.**
Free Visa Application: We make getting your Chinese visa easy and hassle-free, and we pay your visa application fee! Just send us your completed visa application and your passport at your cost, and then we will make all of the arrangements and ship you your passport with your new Chinese visa!****.
Residence Registration for Foreigners: Our staff will make sure that you are registered with the local authorities, as required by law, so that you do not have to go to the trouble to do it yourself.
Certificate of Completion of Internship: The school will issue a certificate as an expression of its deep appreciation for your teaching efforts.

* The currency Exchange Rate as of January 2012.
** Program participants are responsible for maintaining balance and adding minutes once initial minutes are used.
*** Please note: Program benefits and price are subject to change without notice.
**** While BTTI will make every effort to assist you with your visa, we cannot guarantee visa eligibility. The People’s Republic of China makes the final decision about who does and does not receive visas.